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Krill Oil
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Reduces risks of arterial-related diseases such as heart attack and stroke. Promotes healthy blood lipid levels, effective arterial elasticity. Manages cholesterol level and balance blood pressure. Helps to maintain active brain function.

Packaging Content: 90-capsules per bottle (30-servings x 3-capsules)


Origin: Japan


Nano Krill Oil & EPA / DHA is a low temperature extract of the abundant Antarctic Krill (Euphausia superba) which contains unique phospholipids rich in omega-3 (EPA and DHA). With effectiveness 6.5X higher than standard fish oil, you can enjoy health arterial condition and cardiovascular response.

Product Features

The World’s #1 silent killer disease is no longer a secret

But the REAL cause remains a mystery until Japanese scientists finally proved in 2005 - the hardening and clogging

of arteries.

Nano Japan Collagen

Nano Krill Oil & EPA / DHA is proven to be the most effective natural substance that goes beyond reducing cholesterol. More importantly, it helps to improve arterial elasticity.

Nano Japan Collagen

Total cholesterol level is 76%* improved.

Krill oil works by attaching itself to phospholipids whereas fish oil attaches to triglycerides.

Nano Collagen

Every serving of Nano Krill Oil & EPA / DHA contains

500mg of krill oil, carefully encapsulated in a

Capsugel Licaps - capsule that does not react with oil content that a normal soft gel capsule would do.

Nano Krill Oil & EPA / DHA is not only therapeutically more effective, through stronger scientific effort today, it is actually more cost effective than fish oil.

Nano Krill Oil & EPA / DHA -

You are too important. Protect your heart & brain today.


My 58 years old mum feel lethargic all the time and keep complaining her numb hand. Doctor say her numbness in hands is due to poor blood circulation. I let her try NANO Krill Oil for 2 weeks, and she told me she’s so happy that her hand no longer feeling numb now and she’s stronger day by day! 

Blogger Review


My dad hypertension was on the high side that makes him on high risk of getting stroke. We were so worried until we found NANO Krill Oil. He took 3-caps without missed for 1 month, his doctor say his condition is now under controlled since the blood level get lowered 15% in 1 month!


Jia Hui

我一直不懂怎样可以帮助到爸爸必须靠药物来控制的高胆固醇问题。偶然的机遇下,我决定让他试试比鱼油还有效的NANO Krill Oil,只为了让他身体更健康!在服用了大约2个星期,他很开心的跟我说他的高胆固醇指数降低了10%,而且也感觉不这么容易疲惫了,晚上也睡得很安稳。


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