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Nano Japan Diet & Antioxidant

About Us

Founded in 2003, this technologically advanced, innovative company has gained a worldwide reputation for highly effective, affordable and exceedingly superior quality beauty & health supplements. Our full range of products come with an unwavering promise to uphold the finest standards of Japanese dedications & excellence. Through cutting edge research & development, stringent product evaluation, NANO JAPAN aims to make ordinary people, extraordinarily beautiful and life that is worry-free and beyond fulfilling.


Established in 2007.

Online in 2013

More value at fraction of the price

Able to process up to 600 orders per day

Exclusive online beauty & health brand

Serving 10 online markets & countries

4 levels of security & QC features per parcel

Formulated with only clinically-proven ingredients

Reaching 10 million active online buyers monthly

Investing $2m into technology & automation annually

Nano Japan

Corporate Office

No.10 International Plaza, Anson Road, #29-10, Singapore 079903


No. 27 Novelty Techpoint, New Industrial Road, #08-04, Singapore 536212

Research & Development

5-7-8 Shimoshinjo, Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka, Japan

Kyokuei Plaza 7F, 7-5 Uchikanda 1-chome Chiyoda-ky, Tokyo 101-0045, Japan

Kojimachi 1-3 Bld., 1-3-23, Kojimachi, Chiyodaku, Tokyo, 102-0083, Japan

NANO JAPAN products are sold in more than 10 countries & e-commerce marketplaces including Singapore, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Brunei. They are available exclusively online and preferred pharmacies in territories with no or limited internet access.

To find where you can find NANO JAPAN premium products in your country, click here for our Store Locator.


National University in Japan.

RESVENUS, co-founded by Dr. Tommy Ong, Ph.D, incorporated in 2006, was a laboratory involved in life science research, offering public health screenings to grassroots communities and retailing health functional foods. 6 years later, it has a distributor network spanning 20 countries & territories including Hong Kong, Dubai, Dar es Salaam where it operates 10 affiliate offices around the world. However, traditional distribution channels started to wane while e-commerce platforms began to capture consumers’ likings and imagination. NANO JAPAN was finally conceived in 2013 as an exclusive online brand that offers extremely high quality, clinically-proven, hard-to-find beauty & health supplements to online shoppers.


The better understand the needs of the beauty & health supplement luxury market, NANO JAPAN worked closely with leading Japanese R&D laboratories to study active ingredients, develop advanced formulation which are never-before available that caters to the increasing demanding of knowledge-based consumers. The firm belief of Japanese research capabilities reinforces our strong commitment to worldwide consumers and allows us to draw upon the strong scientific knowledge and expertise of Japanese biotechnology in beauty & health.


Made in Japan is the foremost priority for NANO JAPAN because of the confidence, trust and prestige that consumers have always come to believe.  Too many brands try to mimics Japanese made product however without success. Inferior quality, excessive preservatives, misleading names, content and claims often lead to consumers’ disappointment. NANO JAPAN insists on products that are manufactured originally in countries that do not compromise in food safety, quality and integrity. All NANO JAPAN beauty & health supplements are produced adhering to the highest levels of GMP, ISO and safety standards. For your fullest assurance and highest confidence that we will never sacrifice.


Reaching these consumers where and when they like to shop is what drives our operations strategy. NANO JAPAN harmonize our order processing capabilities to a simple 4P system (processing, picking, packing and posting) supported by technology and automation to provide shoppers with a seamless experience from ordering to receiving their orders. Consumers’ satisfaction is the center of our brand and our e-warehousing operations help to make the entire shopping experience their best personal connection with our brands. From processing 30 parcels a day in 2013 to achieving packing 100 parcels accurately with zero error an hour in 2017, NANO JAPAN taps into innovation and to continually develop automation technology for your best shopping experience.


Digital commerce is the fastest-growing channel for prestige beauty & health product sales, as consumers access the brands they covet online, on their smartphones and through social medial platform. NANO JAPAN launched in 2013 with as the first online shopping marketplace partner. Apart from this, NANO JAPAN engages strongly with social influencers, valued buyers and parents alike to capture and present genuine and inspiring real stories that brought our products to a whole new level of faith & followings. The company now conducts its own photoshoots with international talent agencies and celebrities, produces in-house creative materials including product videos, demos and interviews. Today, NANO JAPAN enjoys a reach out of more than 10 million buyers across Asia from Singapore to China.


Asia Pacific is home to 60% of the world’s population with China leading Asia with 80% of the total online retail sales. Ultra-connectivity and mass adoption of mobile devices have made it easier for consumers to find and buy products that suit them. Rising online sales is fast catching up on traditional retail channels. It is forecasts in Asia that developed countries will have the potential of achieving 6-8% of total retail sales while developing countries will achieve 3-4% within the next 10 years. NANO JAPAN aims to partner with up to 20 major e-commerce shopping platforms to bring more than 30 unique & premium beauty & health products direct to online consumers by the year 2021.

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