Nano Krill Oil & EPA/DHA



  • Product info:

    Origin: Japan


    Nano Krill Oil is a low temperature extract of the abundant Antarctic Krill (Euphausia superba) which contains unique phospholipids rich in omega-3 (EPA and DHA). With effectiveness 6.5X higher than standard fish oil, you can enjoy health arterial condition and cardiovascular response.

  • Key Benefits:

    Reduces risks of arterial-related diseases such as heart attack and stroke. Promotes healthy blood lipid levels, effective arterial elasticity. Manages cholesterol level and balance blood pressure. Helps to maintain active brain function.

  • Recommendation:

    Anyone. Highly recommended for mature adult with risks of heart diseases and stroke. Useful for person who are stressful, diagnosed with dangerous level of cholesterol, hypertension and rehabilitating from cardiovascular-related surgery. 

  • How to Consume:

    Take 3-caps with lukewarm water in the morning. For user with existing health condition, take 3-caps twice a day. Consume everyday for optimal results.

  • Ingredients:

    Antarctica Krill Oil (containing Red Astaxanthin), EPA, DHA, Omega 3, Vitamin E

  • Advisory:

    Product is manufactured under Japan highest JHNFA and JFRL standards. HALAL-certified.

  • Packaging Content:

    90-capsules per bottle (30-servings x 3-capsules)