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Nano Carbolite Calorite


• Melts Carbohydrates, Blocks Fats from your meals. 

• Eat your normal meals without weight-gain worries!

• Highly recommended for sugar-control (diabetic risk).

Packaging Content: 90g per box. (36-servings x 2.5g)

Origin: Japan


A best-seller in Japan. Nano Carbolite Enzyme contains rare live enzymes derived from the fermentation of brown rice bran embryo. Unlike common digestive enzymes, live enzymes can break down carbohydrates instantly and can absorb fats from food quickly to prevent body absorption causing weight-gain. Because of the unique mechanics, it is also effective for person with diabetic condition to prevent increase in blood sugar increment from rice/ starch intake from normal meals.

Product Features

Are you wondering why you gain weight so easily?

Your body absorbs nearly 100% carbohydrates and dietary fats from your meals!

Nano Japan Collagen

Introducing Nano Carbolite & Calorite Enzyme.

Derived from the fermentation of brown rice bran embryo.

Nano Japan Collagen

The “live” enzyme effectively turns carbohydrates into liquid to be removed from the body within 2 hours!

Nano Collagen

And it absorbs dietary fats to form solid residue to be removed from your system as waste!

Mix 1-2 sachets with any beverage. Take 30 minutes before each meal.

Nano Carbolite & Calorite Enzyme – 

The perfect way to enjoy even heavy food without weight-gain worries!

Every meal, every day.


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