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Nano Carbolite & Calorites

Nano Carbolite & Calorites



  • Product info:

    Origin: Japan

    A blockbuster product in 2018, NANO CARBOLITE & CALORITE “LIVE” ENZYME is truly a product that no beauty lover should miss. This product follows the same way/ method of manufacturing more than 60 years ago, following a traditional yet tightly- held secret of fermentation. NANO CARBOLITE & CALORITE “LIVE” ENZYME can in 5 minutes dissolves carbohydrates equivalent to 3 bowls of rice into liquid to be passed out of the body quickly. Now you can finally enjoy food parties and supper guilt-free and sleep worry-free!

  • Key Benefits:

    Slimming, weight-loss management, liver protection.

  • Recommendations:

    Anyone! Highly recommended for person taking heavy meals, late supper and/ or drinking habits. It is also highly beneficial for person who experiences indigestion, bowel movement difficulty and tummy discomfort after meal. It is recommended to take 2-sachets before each meal as a daily habit. For person who are diabetic, this product can reduce carbohydrate absorption (reduce blood sugar spiking) by taking 1 sachet before each meal.

  • How to Consume:

    Take 1-2 sachets per serving. Add to fresh drinking water or beverage. Dissolve well and drink before/ with meal.

  • Ingredients:

    “Live” enzyme extracted from fermented Aspergillus oryzae Japanese brown rice bran embryo epidermis, rice vinegar, garlic powder.

  • Advisory:

    Product is suitable for person of all ages. Children intake is only recommended when obesity is a concern. Suitable for women who are expecting and/ or lactating.

  • Packaging Content:

    2.5g x 36 sachets per box

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