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Nano Royal Jelly
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• Heals and strengthens hair strands.

• Recovers scalp health and reduces bacteria growth that causes hair fall.

Packaging Content: 70-capsules per bottle (35-servings x 2-capsules).


Origin: New Zealand


This instant infusion of natural-occurring amino acids helps skin cells to repair and rebuild new ones all day long. Helps neutralise environmental and chemical aggressors with lasting recovery power on scalp for hair to look and feel radiant, refined and energised. Boosts Nano Hyaluron & Collagen effectiveness 3X for faster, better and longer-lasting results on your skin and hair.

Product Features

Can there be a better way to boost your beauty & recover youth?

The answer is found unexpectedly from the insect world…

Nano Japan Collagen

Nano Royal & Jelly is the only antibiotic-negative

royal jelly available today.

Nano Japan Collagen

Every capsule contains 2,200mg of organic royal jelly & 3% 10-HDA . The highest of its kind.

Including 24 different types of essential amino acids for younger skin cell rejuvenation and stronger hair / scalp revitalisation.

Nano Collagen

Best of all, because amino acids bond almost instantly with collagen peptide, Nano Royal & Jelly boosts Nano Hyaluron & Collagen absorption, it assimilates into the 3X faster and better

You can also expect results to be

3X longer-lasting.

Nano Royal & Jelly -

Brighter skin, stronger hair, younger looking.

Blogger Review


由于比赛时大改造,发型师把我头发漂白了。原本发质脆弱的我,漂了后发现掉发越来越多、开叉之余还容易断裂!我便尝试服用了 NANO Royal Jelly,一个星期后,我的头发变强韧了,不仅改善了因漂发而变毛糙的头发,增强发质,还能让头发更柔顺 , 而且无需使用护发素也没什么打结!


Due to daily make up, the condition of my face tend to get worse years by years. After trying  NANO Royal Jelly for 1 month, results proven that my skin become 3X more supple, brighter, less wrinkles and pores diminished! Make up has now become easier than before when my skin were dry and flaky!


I wish my getting-sagged-boobs can look firmer and more lifted because I wear low-cuts and bikinis often. So I try NANO Royal Jelly together with NANO Collagen daily, and voila, baby skin and firmer bust is the real deal now. Last secret measurement? It’s 4cm bust lifted in 1 month!



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