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Nano Plant-centa X Stem Cell Day

Nano Plant-centa X Stem Cell Day

S$69.90 Regular Price
S$66.41Sale Price

• Close-up Pores

• Hydrate crackled skin

• Lighten dark circles 

  • Packaging Content

    Packaging Content: 50ml per bottle (10-servings x 50ml)

  • Product Info

    Origin: Japan

  • Ingredients

    • Bulgaria Rose Placenta 50mg

    • Rose Callus Stem Cell 50mg

    • Tibetan Mountain Snow Lotus Flower 20mg

    • DNA 40mg

    • RNA 20mg

    • Edible Birds’ Nest Sialic 5mg 

    • Glucosamine 100mg

  • Storage

    Keep in cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

    Keep out of children's reach.

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