Hyaluron Collagen
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• Skin Whitening

• Anti-Wrinkles

• Hair / Scalp Strengthening.

• Bustline Lifting.

Packaging Content: 245g per can (35-servings x 7g)

Scoop included.


Origin: Japan


Unlock your skin’s youth potential and see it spring back with new bounce, glow and radiant vitality. With our exclusive Type III Collagen Peptide featuring exclusive Kaneka CoQ10, this amazing formula has the ability to whiten skin naturally, strengthen weak hair strands and deeply nourish cells for a lifted bustline.

Product Features

You are wondering why your Skin is aging so badly and quickly.

We found the answer & discovered the solution.

Nano Hyaluron & Collagen is born.

Nano Japan Collagen

By combining 8 of the most advanced ingredients today, with synergistic formulation, the results unbelievable.

Nano Japan Collagen

Every 7g scoop gives you 5,500mg of Type III Collagen Peptide. Which is equivalent to 50,000mg of ordinary collagen peptide.

Nano Collagen

Nano Hyaluron & Collagen is proven to whiten skin, lift bustline & strengthens hair / scalp naturally. You can finally achieve 3 desires at once.

So versatile you can add to any of your favourite beverage, hot or cold. Non-Fishy. Non-Sweetened. Non-Flavoured.

Nano Hyaluron & Collagen -

Everyday a beautiful day.

Blogger Review


I wish my getting-sagged-boobs can look firmer and more lifted because I wear low-cuts and bikinis often. So I try NANO Royal Jelly together with NANO Collagen daily, and voila, baby skin and firmer bust is the real deal now. Last secret measurement? It’s 4cm bust lifted in 1 month!


由于我经常熬夜,皮肤变得过干,而且毛孔粗大, 无论买了再昂贵的保养品还是粉底都无法解决毛孔粗大问题!再加上严重的黑眼圈和痘疤, 遮瑕膏真的是用了一支又一支。连续服用了NANO Collagen两个星期,痘疤很明显的消了,毛孔也收缩,皮肤完全不干燥,上妆轻而易举更不需遮瑕了!



As I grow older, my busts start to gone out of shape due to often wear of bralletes with not much support. So I started up with NANO Collagen and after 1 month, I’ve noticed that my bust cleavage is getting more noticeable, in fact, my bust line increase 5cm as how it was when I was in college.