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• Promotes weight-loss by breaking down fats and harmful toxins accumulated inside the body.

• Offers smoother lymphatic and blood circulation.

• Regains inner body organs function especially liver, kidney and pancreas.

Packaging Content: 210g per can (30-servings x 7g)
Scoop Included

Origin: Japan


As we cook our food, 99% of valuable enzymes are lost. Nano Detox & Cleanse offers a powerful formula that delivers the highest amount of raw plant food enzymes to tackle hard-to-breakdown harmful toxins that clogs up within your lymphatic system that cause sluggishness and obesity. Nano Detox & Cleanse stimulates fat-digesting and deeper detoxification boosting weight-loss.

Product Features

Losing weight

is never about strict starving nor exercising blindly.

It’s how you fix your inner system to recover functions that works efficiently like new.
Nano Detox & Cleanse is here.
Nano Japan Collagen

Containing raw enzymes from 219 different kinds of rare plants, vegetable, fruits and herbs.

Nano Japan Collagen

These enzymes breakdown harmful toxins in your lymphatic and blood circulatory systems accumulated over the many years.

Nano Collagen

Revitalising your inner organs functions and jump-starting normal cellular metabolism again.

Every serving helps your inner system to clear up to 50g of exotoxins and dead cells out of your body, every day!

Nano Detox & Cleanse - I never knew I could feel so invigorated inside & outside

Blogger Review

Jessica Chaw

Before this, I do not wear midriff outfit even that’s a trend and need not to say bikini! It was a big NO NO to me although I wish I could! After 1 month with NANO Detox & Cleanse, my tummy is flatten and my waistline go from 28” to 25”! I’m surprised with the result as my weight drop 5kg too!


I used to gained 2kg every time I am back from travelling. That makes me so frustrated until I found NANO Detox & Cleanse!! Only 3 weeks, my waistline reduce from 30” to 28”! I do not go on any special diet and no exercise at all, the result is quite satisfying to be honest. It works so well for my digestion!


由于之前一直消化不良、肚子容易涨风,小腹婆这个称号非我莫属!自从饮用了NANO Detox & Cleanse,消化不但好了,肚子也不再涨风,小腹明显的变小了,平常穿的裤子都是L size的我竟然可以穿的下M size的紧身裤了!效果很惊人!没信心穿短裤的我,最近竟然很有自信的经常穿短裤了!



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