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Nano Fucoidan Agaricus


Promotes healthy immune function, cell-to-cell communication, tissue maintenance as a cancer-targeted functional supplement via 3 simultaneous mechanism i.e. inhibiting tumour cell growth, apoptosis and anti-metastasis.

Packaging Content: 180-capsules per bottle (36-servings x 5-capsules)


Origin: Japan


Large medical interest has intensified around fucoidan with more than 900 published clinical studies. Nano Mekabu & Fucoidan uses original fucoidan from Okinawa, Japan with dosage equaling the amount of fucoidan typically consumed daily in the traditional Japanese diet.

Product Features

Have you heard of the island of Longevity?

It has the most number of living centennials in the world. Okinawa, Japan has more than

400 living centennials 

Nano Japan Collagen

The most amazing thing is they are even healthier than regular adults and they have the lowest incidence of age-related diseases in the world. Because of one food - mekabu seaweed

Nano Japan Collagen

Scientists in year 2000, discovered that the actual substance responsible for the amazing benefit - fucoidan,

the slimy material on the seaweed.

Nano Collagen

Fucoidan works in 3 ways namely inhibiting tumour cell growth, promotes apoptosis (kills mutated cells) and induces anti-metastasis (stop spreading).

More than 900 clinical trials published in PubMed database, proving effectiveness against chronic diseases, fucoidan is the only natural substances prescribed in Japanese hospitals as co-treatment for cancer patients as it also improves treatment efficacy.

Nano Mekabu & Fucoidan -

Proven protection today for a surer health tomorrow.


Grandpa is already 75 and his cholesterol level was on the high side which he has to take western medicine daily. But after 5 weeks of NANO Fucoidan, his doctor was surprise by his cholesterol level get lowered 20% miraculously! Grandpa say he can sleep better without bad coughing in midnight now!

Blogger Review


My mother has diabetes problem since 10 years ago and her skin condition get worse lately. After letting her consume NANO Fucoidan 5-caps twice a day, surprisingly her skin rashes due to diabetes has recovered within 6 weeks and no further worsen of skin condition anymore!


由于近期发现妈妈容易感觉疲惫,没精神; 婆婆的行动则越来越慢,手经常没力气拿东西。于是,我让她们服用了NANO Fucoidan两周,我婆婆竟然能够拿起了蛮重的锅煮我最爱的菜给我吃,而妈妈现在晚上不到12点都不喊累,可以陪我聊天到深夜也不感觉疲惫了!


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