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Nano Deer Placenta


Placenta has been traditionally used to nourish inner organs, fights exhaustion/ fatigue, boosts qi energy flow and replenishes uniquely-feminine insufficiencies, to achieve optimal well-being and retain youthfulness. Nano Deer Placenta can generally help to recover health inadequacies due to aging, early-stage of dysfunction and unknown ailments. It can deliver remarkable beauty improvements that effectively results in a younger appearance.

Packaging Content: 18-capsules per bottle. (1-month)

Origin: New Zealand


Placenta has long been regarded as the gold standard of anti-aging supplements. While it contains many naturally-occurring functioning hormones, it also has miraculous enzymes that are important to catalyze youthful metabolism. Nano Deer Placenta is 100% natural and contains a 20-times concentration to achieve 8,000mg per capsule potency dosage.

Product Features


40, 50, 60 years old…

Is there ever a way to stop time?


You can now! Nano Placenta uses the same clinical-grade Placenta used by aesthetic specialists, for your total assurance & confidence


Unlike normal sheep placenta, Nano Placenta contains 80% pure placenta derived from wild-roaming red deer in New Zealand.


It is clinically-proven that intake of deer placenta can effectively promote younger skin tissue regeneration, body functions rejuvenation against diseases and revitalization of sexual desires/ drives.


Every capsule contains super concentrated amount of 8,000mg deer placenta, Plus you are assured of safety and quality, accredited by MedSafe of New Zealand, Ministry of Health.


Take 1-capsule with lukewarm water. On odd-days (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun), before bed nightly.


Nano Deer Placenta – 

The perfect way to enjoy even heavy food without weight-gain worries! Every meal, every day.


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