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Nano Birds' Nest


Stimulates total skin cell and tissue intensive repair and metabolism. Fully hydrates and promotes enviable skin, hair and nails texture and complexion. Relieve respiratory ailments. 7 key active ingredients combination that no other brand or product can ever match.

Packaging Content: 50ml per bottle (10-servings x 50ml)


Origin: Japan

Nano Birds’ Nest Collagen is the biggest breakthrough in beauty science of the century! Using patented edible bird’s nest extract such as Sialic Acid, every bottle contains glycoproteins, epidermal and fibroblast growth factors that are proven to energise aged skin cells quickly. Enhanced with Marine DNA and RNA, Nano Birds’ & Nest is unparalleled in it’s quality

and effectiveness!

Product Features

When Eastern wisdom meets Western inspirations.

The result is the biggest beauty breakthrough of the century -

Nano Birds’ & Nest

Nano Japan Collagen

Carefully formulated with clinically proven active extracts from golden bird's nest harvested from the small Genkai Island off Fukuoka, Japan

Nano Japan Collagen

So rare are the bird's nest that they harvested only once a year and are ban from export.

Nano Collagen

You can feel Nano Birds’ & Nest quickly hydrates tired skin in 5 mins and intensely repairs damaged skin, effectively reversing at least 20 years of age*.

Every 50ml of Nano Birds’ & Nest contains high amount of Sialic, EGF, FGF (bird's nest protein & amino acid) equivalent to 10 pieces of bird's nest.

Nano Birds’ & Nest - Your ultimate luxurious 50ml essence that visibly reduces age and enviously recovers youth.

Blogger Review


由于工作的关系经常熬夜,总是忽略保养导致皮肤干燥,颈纹也很明显,而且唇旁脱皮的问题困扰了我许久。Asia Muse拍摄时,由于频频脱皮,化妆师不断在我的唇旁补妆,好尴尬。自从我遇到了“救星”Nano Birds' Nest!饮用了1个星期,很明显的我的唇旁的脱皮因得到燕窝的滋润改善了,更厉害的是,颈部的皱纹也没了!


My skin used to be extremely dry and flaky due to thick foundation daily. I can’t go out with my bare face as I will look like a ZOMBIE! But now, after taking NANO Bird Nest 3 times a week for 1 month, my skin is now 24hrs super hydrated and looks just like after a premium hydrating facial treatment! 



I’d say every woman must drink NANO Birds’ Nest because it makes you look 10 years younger! Previously, people who don’t know me will guess I am 30 but in fact I’m only 24!! But now after take this for 1 month, my skin has become 10X smoother and softer than before as how it was when I’m 18!!!


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