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• Promotes immune system well-being.

• Boosts resistance against viruses, bacteria and pathogen infection 3X.

• Aids in common viral infection such as flu recovery time by 50%*.

• Helps also in improving digestion and bowel movement.

Packaging Content: 45ml per bottle. (37-servings x 1.2ml)

Glass dropper included.


Origin: Japan


Product Description: A must for all parents! The assurance of healthier children that this product promises, gives you the peace of mind you truly need. Super bugs are getting stronger and spreads faster. Nano Biogenie & Metabolites is the only supplement that is clinically proven in Japan to offer your child protection with stronger immune system and boost higher resistance against viruses, bacteria and pathogens.

Product Features

Does 80 years of hard work in a single job mean anything to you? 

It may not. But it sure did to one person

Dr. Kazuyoshi Masagaki.

He dedicated his entire life to develop the perfect supplement for kids

- Nano Biogenie & Metabolites.

Nano Japan Collagen

Nano Biogenie & Metabolites is formulated with 35 strains from 16 species of the most essential friendly bacteria that the human body needs to fight off virus, bacteria and pathogens

Nano Japan Collagen

Metabolites found in Nano Biogenie & Metabolites is the direct food for 10 billion of white blood cells, giving your immune system the strength to fight against viruses, bacteria and pathogens.

Nano Collagen

In another words, taking metabolites is directly boosting resistance 10X stronger and helping to recover from common viral infection 50% faster.

Nano Biogenie & Metabolites can be given to children 6 months and up, added to any of their favourite beverage for optimal protection.

Nano Biogenie & Metabolites - Giving your child a head start in health today.


Asher had fever and and mouth ulcer when there’s a sudden big spike of HFMD in his school! To protect him, I quickly give him NANO Biogenie and thankfully he fight through and didn’t get infected (*touch wood*). And not to mention, his appetite improve a lot and able to finish up his food each time now!

Blogger Review


我只要熬夜就会流鼻涕、伤风,要至少一个星期才能康复。服用了NANO Biogenie后,抵抗力变好了,熬夜读书连续几天再加上Asia Muse比赛筹备竟然都没有生病了!现在的我健康了精神也好了,不再3天5日都在家养病啦!更给力的是,我的皮肤敏感问题也改善了,皮肤不再起痒痒的红斑!



My 5 y/o daughter, Eunice has Eczema since she born. As a mum, I’m very sad to see her scratching and suffer the itchiness. But things change like miracle ever since I let her take NANO Biogenie, her Eczema has reduced tremendously and recovering only after 1-bottle NANO Biogenie!