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Nano Berry Smoothie D'lite
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• Burn excessive fats 3X faster
• Promotes target fats-burn except for bust area
• Supports waist sculpting

Content is now 280g per can (30-40 servings x 7g)
Scoop included


Origin: Japan


Açai is considered a super-food by many native Amazon populations. This organic fruit is packed with nutrients, containing anti-oxidants, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, B vitamins, calcium, phosphorous, fiber, and even protein that is believed to promote envious breasts development. 

Product Features

Confidence has a new definition.

Newly upgraded. A revolution in lifting your bustline with firmer, fuller and more seductive breasts.

Nano Japan Collagen

Nano Diet & Antioxidant -

So exotic. So effective. So delicious.

Scientifically formulated with 7 powerful fats-melting & bust-lifting natural ingredients including Brazilian Acai Berry, Chilean Maqui Berry, and Thailand Pueraria Mirifica.

Nano Collagen

Just 2 scoops a day to lose bulging fats, push-up sagging breasts and satisfy your deepest pleasure.

Enhance feminine sensitivity today.

Enjoy intimate sensuality tonight.

Nano Diet & Antioxidant -

No more imagination. Power-up your attraction.

Blogger Review

JQ Lee

Singlets used to buried deep in my closet for years due to my insecurity with my 10” loose flabby arms. But now, I gotta dig all my preloved out from my closet because I found NANO Diet! As a result, my arms get 2cm smaller in just 1 month. Also, my eyes look less tired and not easily dry anymore when I wear cons long hours. 

Candy ( Leng Leng )

I have been taking NANO Diet as meal replacecment for 20 days, to my surprise, the result is fast and amazing! My pants get one size smaller! I’m finally back to XS size from M size! Previously, my bf tend to call me “fatty” to make fun of me, I am happy that now he has no reason to call me fatty  anymore. 


在我饮用NANO Diet前我的胸部皮肤比较松弛,胸部蛮平坦。 2周后,胸围提升1个罩杯, 穿上窄身的衣服,不需要push up也有明显的事业线!而瘦身的方面更加给力,小肚腩明显地没了! 在烧脂的过程中不但把肥胖的腹部变平了,还强化了腰部的弧度,简直是塑造理想中的女性曲线~  



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