Red & Resvera
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• Promotes faster slimming ability.

• Helps digestion after a heavy meal.

• Induces higher sleep quality.

• Reduces stress.

• Increases metabolism, blood circulation.

Packaging Content: 500ml per bottle (10-servings x 50ml)


Origin: Japan


Delicate and fresh tasting. The tannins are soft yet luxurious. Every glass of Nano Red & Resvera offers you slimming, beauty and health benefits equivalent to 7 glasses of regular red wine. Winner of the Monde Selection grand gold award for 4 years consecutively, Nano Red & Resvera is the world’s first non-alcoholic pinot noir that you can enjoy

anywhere, anytime.

Product Features

Slimming that also offers you

infinite lifestyle possibilities.

The World’s first non-alcoholic pinot noir red wine is now available

Nano Japan Collagen

Using organic black grapes from Oregon, USA and advanced fermentation method from Japan...

Nano Japan Collagen

“Red Wine” is produced, except it doesn't contain alcohol.

Nano Collagen

Every glass of Nano Red & Resvera offers slimming & beauty benefits equivalent to 7 glasses of normal red wine.

Natural Pro-Resveratrol causes cells to

induce “calorie constriction” and helps to

burn-fats 3X faster to achieve a curvier waist and tighter abs.

Nano Red & Resvera -

Elegant & svelte with every sip.

Blogger Review

Fione Ooi

I was looking for a better way to improve my insomnia until I found NANO Resvera, my llife saviour! I used to only fall asleep at 4-5am everyday and I easily get awake in sleep. But now, I can have 7 hours sleep without waking up in sleep, I couldn’t ask for more now, thanks Nano Japan!

Ida Mansor

My serious dark eyes circle problem has troubled me for 10 years until I found NANO Resvera! I have even tried very expensive eye mask from Korea but it’s not helping at all. After 1 month consumption, my dark eyes circle obviously reduce, I don’t need to rely on concealer anymore!


我曾经试过连续几个月为一件服装店拍摄,我的裤子在这期间从S size穿到L size,然后再也回不到了S size,试过怎么减肥都无效!喝了NANO Resvera一个月(没有多加特别运动),我的腰围从28”回到了25”!而且,让我出乎预料的是,我的黑眼圈竟然消了而且不会失眠了!