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Lacto VV
Lacto VV
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Supports optimal digestive health, enhances immune system and promotes vaginal comfort and confidence.

Packaging Content: 2g per sachet (35-servings x 2g)


Origin: Japan


Nano Lacto VV & Probiotics partners with Kaneka Pharmaceuticals to deliver the best solution for the modern women today. Lactobacillus brevis subsp. coagulans KP08 is developed to survive strong stomach acid and up to 6% of salt content in gastrointestinal to reach the uteri to maintain a healthy vaginal environment. Feel free and comfortable everyday!

Product Features

Wanna feel cool, clean and crisp?

Nano Lacto VV & Probiotics gives you the tummy comfort and feminine confidence you can only dream of. 

Nano Japan Collagen

Containing 5 billion of ‘live’ labre-probiotics exclusively from Kaneka Japan, every sachet offers you a strong yet gentle restoration of your biological balance.

Nano Japan Collagen

Thanks to advances in culturing, Nano Lacto VV & Probiotics can remain active through strong stomach acid and up to 6% salt content in gastrointestines.

Nano Collagen

Nano Lacto VV & Priobiotics can finally reach uteri and sensitive vaginal environment in 2 hours to reduce inflammation, fight against bacteria, odour and ease all discomforts.

Protects your stomach lining. Heals digestive tract against pathogens. Enhances immune system against viruses no matter if you are indoor or traveling to unknown places.

Nano Lacto VV & Probiotics -

Unleash your freedom and no more stuffy days!


I used to have urinary tract infection once every 2 months due to imbalance pH level on vaginal area that cause bacteria infect very easily. I realise this problem has no longer happen within these 3 months ever since I started NANO Lacto VV! No more unpleasant discharge and itching anymore too!

Blogger Review


I have been using panty liners daily due to discharge for more than 5 years despite knowing that’s unhealthy, but no choice. However, I’m now panty-liner-free after all ever since I tried this probiotic NANO Lacto VV for 2 months, the good bacteria truly protects vagina from infections!!


本身试用这个产品大概有两个星期左右。由于白带的关系,之前都依赖日用卫生垫,而且因为忙碌,经常忘记更换卫生垫所以很容易导致细菌感染。自从我开始饮用NANO Lacto VV,发现自己的免疫力渐渐增加,也不容易伤风感冒!更意外的是减少了我的白带烦恼!现在已经不需依赖日用卫生垫!



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